Deposit, Contract and Cancellation

  • A 25% non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation of the event.
  • If the client cancels within 30 days of the event, the balance is payable to the musicians.


  • All performances include 30 minutes of setup prior to the commencement time.
  • During a performance there is a grace period of 10 minutes to allow for unforeseen circumstances. However, any unplanned extensions beyond this will be invoiced for in 15 minute blocks at a rate of $30 for solo harp or $60 for flute and harp per 15 minute block.
  • A 15 minute break is required for performances of two hours or more in length. This can be timed to coincide with an appropriate moment in the function or event. Please discuss this with the musicians prior to the day.


  • Travel within the Sydney area is included, and there may be an additional travel fee for performances outside of the Sydney area.
  • For travel greater than 2 hours and 30 minutes, ground floor hotel or motel accommodation is to be provided. The musicians are able to organise this and it will be included in the cost of the performance.
  • Access to parking and an area to unload the harp close to the performance venue is required.
  • If the event is not on the ground floor, lift access must be provided. Any stairs on the path between the unloading area and the performance area must be discussed at the time of booking.

Venue and Weather Considerations

  • The larger harps prefer a solid, flat surface to perform on. Soft surfaces (such as dirt, sand or grass) are not necessarily suitable for the larger harps, however the smaller harp can still be used.
  • Neither the harp or the flute can be exposed to both direct sunlight or rain of any form or intensity.
  • With both the above conditions, a solution can often be worked out. Please discuss this at the time of booking.

Filming and Photography

  • We are very happy to be filmed or photographed, however please advise us of this prior to the day.
  • You are welcome to take photos with the harp (e.g. the bridal party after a wedding) as long as it is within the agreed performance period, and we ask if you could please send us an unwatermarked copy of the photos (with appropriate photo credit) once you receive them.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Unless previously agreed, the equipment and instruments of the musicians performing are not available for use by any other person.

Please, do not ask us to perform for exposure as refusal may offend.
We will happily perform for charity and NFP events, however please contact us for a quote.